Naveen Iqbal

The Truth of Oblivion



Naveen Iqbal is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill working towards a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. When she is not studying for classes, she is often immersed in music. Naveen taught herself to play the piano when she was four years old and started composing music at the age of seven. In middle school, she began playing the viola and continued to participate in classical music ensembles throughout high school and college, including UNC Symphony. Also, she won first place in the North Carolina Parent Teacher Association’s State Reflections Contest for musical composition in seventh grade, and then second place the following year in eighth grade. As Naveen became busier with academics, music composition was put on the back burner. Now, several years later, she plays the piano, viola, guitar, and also sings. She is currently working on brand new music under her alias, Nina.



“That’s what being in a symphony is. You aren’t lost in the music. You are actively engaged in playing, making sure you are in sync with all of the other players. To be in sync with a quintet requires a lot of mental effort. It’s really mentally strengthening which is important when it comes to understanding the complexity behind Islam.”



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