Sadiyya Ingawa

À la Seconde



Sadiyya began dancing in middle school and took a particular interest in modern dance and ballet. She remembers being drawn to the gracefulness of ballet, and over the years, dance became an emotional outlet for her. Although dance was a fun hobby, it was also one that required a lot of hard work in order for her to improve; as a result, it really helped her develop patience and perseverance. After becoming a college student, Sadiyya also dabbled in jazz, swing, African, and a few other styles of dance. She continues to spend time in the studio every once in a while.

Sadiyya is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Health Policy and Management with a minor in Medicine, Literature, and Culture. Upon graduation, she plans to attend medical school and hopes to specialize in pediatric oncology. Outside of school and dance, Sadiyya also enjoys playing sports and volunteering in her community.





“I think the gracefulness of ballet over other forms of dance is what really attract[ed] me to it. There is a level of discipline that both Islam and ballet encourage. These two parts of my life consume most of my daily activities and they’re constantly on my mind. They keep me away from the bad things and stop me from making reckless choices. I guess it’s easier to implement something in your life when more than one thing demands it.”  



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