Eerum Husain

Channeling the Icing

IMG_3619 copy2

Eerum accidentally stumbled upon cake decorating in high school. When her brother was getting married, she was absolutely determined to make his wedding cake. After a few mistakes – or as she claims, many – she was able to learn through YouTube videos how to decorate cakes. She was always interested in art, just preferred in cake form. It was between the summer of her junior and senior year, when Eerum learned how she could use this talent in a different way. She started a blog called “10 Weeks. 10 Cakes.” in which she created a new piece each week and gave a detailed description of her process. One of her goals was to donate the cakes she made and through this she surprisingly learned about great organizations in her community. For example, she was not familiar with the Ronald McDonald House, where they provide temporary housing to children and their family who are undergoing cancer treatment, until she donated a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. It was such an inspiring experience for Eerum that she continued on to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill. Never did she think a small hobby, such as cake decorating, would lead her to learn more about charity work but she is so glad it did.

Eerum is currently majoring in Health Policy & Management at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. She hopes to specifically study dental public health in rural areas.





“A lot of my artwork, including cake, is influenced by patterns from Islamic Art history. I use the intricacy, patterns, and vibrancy of colors from Islamic art. I remember the first time I baked a cake. It was a disaster; fondant melting everywhere and a lopsided cake. It took a lot of practice to be where I am right now.”







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