Amina Garba

In His Footsteps



Amina Garba, age 19, from Greensboro, NC calls herself an enthusiastic equestrian. She’s been fond of horses since she was a kid but didn’t start taking the sport seriously until 2013. After horseback riding in the deserts of Dubai, she and her sister decided to take up horseback riding. Amina has trained with her instructor Tempe Bennet at the Yonahlosee Saddle Club in Gibsonville, NC for the past year. She had planned on trying out for the equestrian team at her college, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last year but she was too late for tryouts. Amina continues to ride and is considering trying out for the equestrian team this fall, if her schedule permits her to make the commitment. When Amina is not horseback riding or busy with school, she enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. She is currently a director of a non profit organization that serves to provide hunger and medical care to individuals in third world countries. This has encouraged her to be interested in pursuing a major in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill. To find out more about Amina, follow her  @amazingg_aminah



“Riding horses is the way I embody that. I’m embodying the prophet’s sunnah (practice) because that’s how he traveled. That’s how the early believer’s traveled and that’s how Islam was spread.”




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