Shajuti Hossain

The Plight of Preservation


Shajuti is a senior at Duke double majoring in Economics and Public Policy from Raleigh, NC. She plans to attend law school after graduation where she hopes to learn more about human and civil rights in the American legal system. Her two largest extra-curricular commitments throughout college were to the Duke Muslim Students Association, serving her senior year as its president, and to Sustainable Duke, through which she earned the Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability Award her sophomore year. Her academic and research focuses were mostly on environmental sustainability and policy as well as consumer psychology. She hopes to use the skills and background knowledge she learned through those experiences in her path to human and civil rights studies in law school.

In her free time, she loves exploring new places and activities with her friends, looking up at the sky, making arts and crafts, and learning how to play new sports.


“I marvel at how beautiful the creation is, and then I marvel at how great the creator is Himself. I say Subhan’allah or Alhamdullallah or Alahu Akbar, and I think about how amazing it is that everything fits so perfectly in the system. We see water flowing from the tap all the time, but we don’t realize that people on the other side of the world don’t have that luxury and people in our future generations may not have that luxury either if we continue using it at the rate we’re using it. We have a finite amount of resources.”


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