Salma Rezk

Shades of BeautyIMG_3765


Salma is a senior at UNC expected to graduate in May. She is majoring in Biology and Asian studies with a focus on Arabic. She is pursuing the field of Radiology and nuclear medicine while currently working on several research projects as a research assistant at UNC hospital. She is invested in humanitarian work and is currently the chapter president of United Muslim Relief Triangle. She has launched an organization at UNC called United 2 Heal which deals with shipping medical supplies to underprivileged communities across the globe. She works in the middle eastern department as a librarian’s assistant. She is a former board member of UNC MSA. In her free time she enjoys exploring her creative side and wishes to continue to take up art, especially painting, more frequently. Her other interests include the study of Religions and cultures.



“I express my religion to others through a different lens than what they’re used to seeing through. Seeing these different art pieces gives people insight into a value Islam considers important, beauty of all things. ‘God is beautiful and he loves beauty,’ a statement spoken by our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But the beauty of art is something we can all relate to despite our backgrounds, opinions, or beliefs.”




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