Ahmad Mosabbeh

The New World



Ahmad Mosabbeh wants to live in a world where the aesthetic power and cultural currency of language is prized by all, where it is always spring, and where youthful vision is nurtured and promoted.

As a student at UNC, he’s spent much time pouring through the annals of Arabic texts in our local libraries. His primary interests are the linguistic and metrical analysis of Arabic poetry and the historicity of religions. When he’s not reading or working on his passion for the Arabic language and culture, you may find him cycling for sport or exploring the food culture of Carborro.

His first published thesis titled “The Phenomenon of Linguistic Synonymy in Pre-Islamic Poetry and the Miraculous Qur’an” is set to release in mid 2016.


“We have a term in the cycling world for those who drive cars and nothing else. We call them ‘cagers’. There’s an ethereal substance to physical activity, which I love. For me, that’s what being Muslim is about. Being able to trek and explore the world.”





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