Kiah Glenn-Smith




Kiah Glenn is a 2nd year Masters student finishing this year at Duke University. She is focusing her work on Islam, Women and Gender. She hope to continue her studies by pursuing a PhD. in the near future, God willing. She is also interested in growth of the Latino Muslim community in the Western hemisphere and their impact on communities and culture. She enjoys music, is a trained violinist, reading, and  the culinary world and can be often found at different culinary events around NC. Originally from New Jersey, she moved to North Carolina with her husband Muraad and they are expecting their first child any day now. 



“My masters and hopefully my PhD focus on North American, South American, and Caribbean Muslim women. It’s important that people study and see what’s going on in our community and how to address problems that are going to come up. A lot of the time what I say to converts is to not just throw your culture to the wind. You can still do those things that make you who are and enjoy those things. There’s ways to do it to make it so it’s halal, to make it so it fits within the guides of Islam.”




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