Hana Haidar

The Pen has Lifted



Hana Haidar grew up in Chapel Hill and is currently a senior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in English and Sociology with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Hana works as a peer tutor at the UNC Writing Center and as a student assistant for the National Implementation Research Network. She has recently completed the writing of her senior honors thesis, which examines self and group identity construction in Arab-American literature. She has served as a Spanish tutor, writing coach, creative writing group coordinator and creative writing camp counselor.

Not only does she have a passion for academic and creative writing, but she demonstrates her preoccupation with alleviating inadequate housing for low income families through her work with Habitat for Humanity. Hana served as the Community Outreach co-chair and steering leader of the UNC Habitat for Humanity organization for two years. For this effort, she will be recognized as the undergraduate recipient of the Robert E. Bryan public service award in April. She has recently been nominated for two chancellor awards, including the Howard W. Odum Sociology Undergraduate award and the Irene F. Lee award. Hana is also in the honors program at UNC as well as the Buckley Public Service Scholars Program.




“It is an exploration of my faith. As a kid, in order to fall asleep, I would imagine stories in my head or I would take a notebook and just write. Yeah, covers over my head and a flashlight – just write. Islam is not about black-and-white-thinking. I try to take that same approach of the gray areas of how we interpret things to my writing that Islam takes to life.”






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