Jenna Sawafta

 Double Entendre



Jenna Reyad Sawafta is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill studying Linguisics and Speech and Hearing Sciences. She is pursuing a career in Audiology. She is an undergraduate research assistant in the Human Auditory Development Laboratory at the UNC School of Medicine. She also works closely with Iraqi and Sudani refugees as the secretary of the UNC Injaz Program.

Her decision to pursue a career in Audiology relates to her passion for Spoken Word because she believes strongly in the ability and right to expression.

Jenna considers spoken word her outlet due to its ability to divulge feelings about a multitude of issues from personal experience to religion to politics. She says that those feelings can be carefully constructed through metaphors and imagery to forge a bond between her and the audience.

Her writing can be found in undergraduate journals such as Carolina Scientific.


“Poetry is the way I can be vulnerable and be comfortable with vulnerability. I get to convey these deep emotions to an audience but I get to do it in a layered manner. In that sense, I relate it to prayer because it’s a very humbling experience. In sujood, you’re putting your head to the ground, the most precious part of you to the ground and you are submitting to a greater being.”




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