Towqir Aziz

Aperture Science

Photo credit: Towqir Aziz


Towqir Aziz is a Muslim-American Student at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is studying Environmental Science and Journalism, and aims to pursue a graduate degree in journalism after graduating in 2015. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2012, and hopes to incorporate his passion for photography into his career. Towqir Aziz resides in Cary, NC.




“Many of my peers are going to be doctors or engineers and they’re going to help save and protect lives. Others become lawyers or politicians and help reform our society and government. And countless others will have a profound and distinct effect on the world through pursuing their own passions. That’s part of being a Muslim as well, finding how you can change the world, how you can make the world a better place by doing your own thing. My passion is photography, and I hope to use my passion to impact my community in the best way I can.” 





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