Muad Hrezi




Muad Hrezi is junior studying Health policy and Management as well as minoring in Arabic and Chemistry. He is passionate about public health and working on health systems strengthening in the future. He wants to work towards a world where the disparities currently seen between different demographics no longer exist and everyone can benefit from healthcare systems. Additionally, he loves being outside and playing sports- mainly soccer, basketball, and volleyball.



“During a season there are many points were you feel like you just wanna stop training and take a break for a couple of days or maybe you want to sit out a rep in a workout, but I never do because of the way I’ve been brought up in Islam. Islam has taught me to finish what I start and that when things are tough to thank God because things could always be worse and keep moving on. Islam teaches you to work hard, never give up on a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 mile run. You know, it’s not easy to keep going sometimes. You get mentally fatigued, but you got to keep pushing yourself.”






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